Do You Have the Right Marketing Brand Message?

a creative content agency can find images like this one so your brand doesn't get doesn't get lost in the crowd

How do you get the right marketing message for your brand when the amount of time Australians spent on the internet decreased between 2019 and 2018 and the average internet use per person declined by 30 minutes a day? Even so, Australians still spend more than 5 hours a day using the internet. Out of the total, they spend an hour and a half each day using social media, three hours watching television (including streaming video), and 47 minutes listening to music, so crafting the right marketing message for your brand is key to success, even if you need the help of a creative content agency to do so.

For 2019, Australia’s winning social media platforms are LinkedIn and Instagram, with increases of 10% and 2.1% respectively. Facebook is still the most-used social media platform, with 16 million Australian users, but it didn’t gain significant numbers of new users this year.

Why does our marketing brand message gets blocked?

Which messages are getting through, and which are being blocked? Over a third of Australians are now using ad-blocking tools on their computers and mobile devices. One in four are using voice search or commands to find information and services, so voice-savvy messages and websites can come out ahead. And online shopping is up – tremendously. Desktop purchases are up 22% and mobile shopping is up 11%.

Did you know about all of these recent changes in Australia’s use of social media and online behaviour? Probably not, nor should you be expected to know. This is the job of a creative content agency. To keep on top of content marketing services and be among the best content marketing companies, we need to know who is using social media. We need to understand how to craft your brand message and get it to the audience for your business at the right time and in the best manner possible.

In this crowded, complex, and ever-changing marketplace full of messages, a creative content agency works daily to understand how your small or medium business can reach customers. It takes creativity and knowledge to know how your brand can stand out and establish good strategies to avoid getting lost in the diverse, dizzying array of online, mobile, and in-person messages. It’s truly a partnership. The most successful content marketing agencies are good listeners: to you, as well as to your customers.

What does that mean for marketing the right brand message?

Some answers are simple and practical. Australians are using ad-blocking software more because, in some cases, undesirable ads are blocking articles they’d like to read or videos they wish to watch. They’re also signing up for premium video services for the same reason.

Shopping habits are changing because customers are increasingly confident with online ordering. Online shopping often provides advantages in price and convenience over brick and mortar stores.

A more subtle change may be found in the way customers view different businesses and products. Information “overload” may cause some customers to tune out ever-present advertisements, whether they are presented in traditional form, such as billboards and signage, or via social media, like Facebook ads.

One thing hasn’t changed: your business should be engaging your prospective customers and it should be developing a strong rapport with them, using the right marketing message for your brand. How may this best be done?

1. Think like a customer: review your marketing message and content from the customer’s perspective

If you were the customer, would you quickly understand and respond to the message? Ask yourself if the words you’re using convey the message your customers will best understand and respond to.

One simple question that content marketing experts recommend that businesses consider asking is: Do we know anyone who speaks this way? If you’re using phrases in your emails that aren’t commonly used around your business, these may not be the best choice for your customer.

Thinking like a customer can help you identify your strongest marketing messages. It will also enable you to eliminate messages which are less effective. We’re confident that you’ll be able to quickly tell the difference in many cases simply by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes for a bit. This will allow you to speak your customer’s language.

Speaking plainly and directly is always a virtue in any communication. When crafting creative content marketing, plain-speaking will be one of your most effective tools. A professional creative content agency will have the experience required to effectively achieve this.

2. Find quality images and use a strong design to promote the right marketing message

No matter where you will be offering your content, whether via traditional channels like print, radio, or television, or by new channels including social media, mobile ads, or the web, your customer’s interest and engagement is of primary importance.

You may have the best verbal message in the world, but if it isn’t combined with visually engaging, high quality images, chances are, your customers will disregard it.

The well-known saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true because of the way our brains work. An engaging, or even arresting, image will be seen and processed much faster than words. The right image is crucial to establishing the all-important first impression on your potential customers.

At the same time, if you use an image that doesn’t communicate the right message, or which is less than well-chosen or produced, your potential customers will quickly move on to another, more engaging image and content.

Visual images also help to reinforce your brand and message. Research shows that if we hear a piece of information, three days later we will remember 10% of what we’ve heard. If the information is combined with a powerful image, three days later we’ll retain 65% of the information.

Your message to customers will be best conveyed through a professionally designed visual presentation, including images, text, and other aspects of design. Design elements can include text size, style, colour and arrangement of text and images.

Don’t get lost in the crowd: reach your customers with the right marketing message for your brand at the right time

Combine your irreplaceable knowledge of your business and customers with an expert content marketing agency that Sydney businesses can rely upon and trust. Content Box offers a strong team of creative content marketing experts who are skilled at making sure you have the right brand message for your business stand out in the ever more crowded marketplace. Although we see thousands of messages and images a day, your brand and marketing message should be the ones that will reach your customers and build your business opportunities.

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