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Look no further than Content Box® to deliver a marketing strategy that gets results.

Marketing Strategies That Are Proven to Work

We understand why most SME businesses simply do not have the budget for in-house marketing teams. We can help!

Content Box® works 1-1 with clients. We provide strategic advice to SME businesses on the ideal customer, core message, competitor analysis, content development, keyword research, customer persona and buyer journey mapping.

We also offer advice on what content you should deliver at each customer touchpoint.

Here’s how it works:

In phase one, we build a strategy-first engagement that acts as the blueprint for all marketing plans and content development moving forward. 

Once we have these strategies well-defined, we identify the right tactics for your business. Then we analyse the content that will position you and your business as a thought leader and industry expert.

We believe that a strong marketing strategy is at the core of every marketing success. Without this, any tactical marketing efforts risk failure and poor ROI.

In phase two, we identify the right kind of tactics to use to meet your strategic goals, and then work to develop and implement your content.

Often, businesses come to us after already spending money on different tactics such as SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns and even investing in a new website. 

When they do come to us, it is to ask us to firstly address, then fix, their strategic and content marketing plans.

By adopting a strategy-led approach from the outset, then letting the strategy dictate the tactics, we guarantee to save you money and time, and ensure a smooth marketing journey. 

One of our points of difference is that we implement the right strategy and system from the outset, before even thinking about tactics, thus ensuring your marketing succeeds.

Once the strategy has been defined and the tactics identified, only then do we create all your content – the words and visuals.

Part of any strong marketing plan is consistency. Marketing is an engine that builds momentum and the more consistent you are the better the results. 

Clients love it! Google loves it! But it’s hard to do without a dependable team behind you. 

That’s why we do it all for you! Making marketing easy!

Developing and delivering quality content, building your connections, getting you noticed and driving engagement – it's what we do best. 

Ultimately, we bring you new opportunities to have new conversations that convert into new prospects and clients.

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Generating Leads and Building You a Sales Pipeline

Before developing any content marketing plan, we define your strategic goals, identify the right tactics, then determine the target audience and your ideal customer.

Our content strategists undertake competitor analysis, keyword research and develop your buyer personas.

Understanding their demographics, needs, pain points, interests, and buying barriers allows us to map their buyer journey.

We analyse the platforms they are on and the kinds of content they are consuming. This forms the basis of our content marketing plans.

By understanding your ideal customer, we can create unique marketing plans and personalised buyer journeys – the first step towards building a loyal customer base.


Don’t wait any longer!

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Content Strategy Insights

The world of content marketing is constantly evolving. This is why our content agency stays on top of trends by engaging with industry experts and attending local and international conferences. We’ll walk with you every step of your content marketing journey.

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A Content Strategy Agency Who Works Side-by-Side With You

The Content Box® team works as an extension of your business by delivering strategic content to your target market that generates emotions and sells products.

We use a customised approach that is underpinned by proven data-driven strategies, expert designers, remarkable content creators, and professional expertise in content marketing.

We have experience in both local and international markets, working with companies across a wide variety of different industries.

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