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Need graphic design services that are quick, efficient and affordab?

Reliable and efficient graphic design services

Are you a business owner, marketing consultant or digital/web agency who wants to save time and money with outsourced graphic design services, that are efficient and affordable ?

Then, look no further! Our design services, allow you to scale your design capability quickly and efficiently, without the fixed overhead of another employee or the limitations and constraints of online design platforms.

Get started now with our graphic design packages.

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Simple and Affordable Outsourced Graphic Design Packages

Design 20

Ideal for the occasional design job, artwork adjustments or design tweaks.

Design 50

Perfect for regular design work, overflow or those needing additional design resources.

Design 100

Catering for larger projects and those needing extra capacity to scale up design services.


*Hourly rates available at $40ph.

*All pricing in US dollars.

Our graphic design packages have been designed to give you the flexibility you need, to scale quickly, efficiently and affordably.

All packages include the following features:

  • Same day response time
  • No lock in contracts
  • No credit card
  • Unlimited projects and revisions
  • No expiry of hours
  • Dedicated designer
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24 to 36 hour concept delivery (unless otherwise advised)
  • Preparation of all print ready files
  • Supply of all packaged working files at no extra cost

And the ability to speak to someone!

All packages are payable in advance.

How Do I Get Started?


1: Select & Pay

Choose your package and make your payment here. 


2: Speak with us

We speak with anyone who needs that bit of extra help.


3: Briefing

Email your brief through or complete our online briefing form here.


4: Production

Expect first concepts within 24-36 hrs unless otherwise advised.


Let our team of skilled designers at Content Box®, weave their magic, with outsourced graphic design services to help you scale up your services and improve efficiencies.

From logo, brand and website design, infographics, e-Books, social media templates and posts, print, packaging and digital media design, through to banners and visual displays, our design team are here to create clever and engaging design for you and your clients.

Don't wait any longer, get started now!

Reliable and Affordable Outsourced Graphic Design Packages

Design 20

Ideal for the occasional design job, or artwork adjustments

Design 50

Perfect for regular design work, overflow or those needing additional resources

Design 100

Catering to larger projects and those needing extra capacity to scale up services

*All pricing in US dollars


There are many variable factors in design that can impact job delivery. These include the complexity of the brief and design requirements – social posts are easier to design than exhibition spaces, size of the job – a 24pp eBook will take longer than a 4pp brochure, feedback from the client – sometimes it takes 2-3 days to receive client feedback, supply of all necessary branding guidelines, logo files, copywriting documents, images, etc. In an ideal world, the average job is deliverable within 36-72 hours, considering the time zone.

Design jobs can vary in length due to the complexity of design needed. Some jobs are faster than others, but it is all in the briefing!

For example, an A4 page with branding, images and text will take around 2-3 hours to develop an initial concept. Make that double sided and it will be around 3-4 hours.

Social post templates will average around 2 hours per template type, but the actual posts will only take around 20-30 mins to populate.

Postcards and flyers average around 3-5 hours depending upon their sizing and complexity of the content, branding and imagery to be used.

Infographics, logo designs, large documents, exhibition spaces and signage vary in complexity, so it is best to ask for an estimate ahead of time.

Rest assured, our designers are very experienced and work fast when they have a very detailed and thorough brief to work from.

Our team is made up of a number of key personnel. Our Content and Operations Manager will be your main point of contact, and will correspond with you for feedback and revisions. However, you may also receive files from your individual designer.

We use time tracking software that calculates the amount of time spent on a job. Once you are close to using all your pre-purchased hours, you will receive an email asking you to top up your account. You can change between packages freely as there are no lock in contracts. 

If we need to purchase stock images on your behalf, these will be deducted from your package. Images will be billed at cost, as the search time will be built into the design time. We use Shutterstock as our main image library source. Alternatively, you can purchase the stock images yourself and send them to us.

The key to any successful design is the briefing process. We follow a thorough briefing process, so, in the initial stages, be sure to tell us as much as possible about the job. If we have questions, we will clarify these with you prior to commencing work, or during the process. Often, our jobs will include mood boards and concept boards before commencing the design job to make sure we are on target to meet your expectations. If you have any special request, please ask at the time of briefing.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Our briefing process is solid, so it is highly unusual that clients are unhappy with our work.

However, as part of our commitment to client satisfaction, if the job clearly does not meet the brief and for some unknown reason cannot be fixed, you will not be charged for the job.

Please note there are no refunds on the packages, however the hours spent on a job, will be credited back into your package.

We know that clients often change their minds when they see their brand and products ‘'coming to life'’. We are happy to make revisions to jobs, but keep in mind that these are billable, so the more revisions, the more cost and make sure that you client knows they are being billed for all changes and your time.

If a client changes their mind completely, then work on the existing job will cease while the new scope of work is assessed.

Your package will still be deducted for the hours of work completed thus far and billing will resume on the new scope of work.

Yes, these will be supplied upon completion of jobs and pending your package is still in credit and no outstanding payments are due.

Our Team is here for you

Our team of creatives include designers, animators, digital illustrators, writers, marketers and more. Their combined expertise ensures that your projects are delivered on time and are sure to engage.

Whether starting out with design, looking for extra assistance on that big project, or wanting to increase your design capacity substantially, we can help!

We aim to make outsourced graphic design easy with services that are simple, scalable and reliable.

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